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The Right Reverend Laish Boyd Sr.





On behalf of the Anglican Diocese, we want to thank all those individuals and organizations for rendering assistance to us during our time of dire need.




In light of the catastrophic damage received by two (2) of our islands (Grand Bahama & Abaco), we wish to share with our two countries (The Bahamas and The Turks and Caicos Islands), and with the international community, how we have responded and how we intend to respond to this disaster going forward.


Our response has been twofold, namely:



This encompassed the first one hundred and twenty (120) days after the storm (September through December, 2019). In an intentional way, we used the outreach model which Jesus gave to his disciples before his Ascension (Acts 1: 8). Hence, we started with taking care of the members of our Churches, then we moved outward by helping those around our churches and beyond, until we reached “to the ends of the earth. “


Based upon this methodology, we were able to provide members of our churches, as well as the wider community, with much needed relief supplies: clothing, food, water, personal hygiene items, household supplies etc. It must also be mentioned that most of our Anglican churches were shelters, distribution centers, and feeding locations, which provided hot meals for those who needed the same, regardless of religious or denominational background.


Added to this, we were also able to accomplish the following:


  1. Hosted three (3) Hurricane Relief Fairs

  2. Delivered care packages on weekends during the month of November, to those in need.

  3. Reached out to the various nursing homes in our community with needed items.


All of this we would not have been able to achieve without the help, support, and generous donations of individuals, churches, NGOs, and international organizations too numerous to mention. We are forever in your debt.




This phase of our recovery effort is expected to last for a period of two to four (2-4) years. Due to the extensiveness of the damage, this length of time is realistic and the help needed is tremendous. To this end, there several areas where help is needed. We ask that you consider how you would like to assist and to partner with us in your specified way on our website.

WAYS TO HELP IN (2020 and beyond)


Through our Adoption Initiative efforts, we are asking persons, and groups to assist us by adopting:  


  1. ADOPT A FAMILY (Rebuild a Home)


We are seeking to rebuild approximately seventy (70) homes of families that have been totally destroyed on the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco. Our goal is to build a minimum of fifteen (15) homes a year (10 Two Bedroom & 5 Three Bedroom) costing between $100 - 120 per sq. ft. approximately. Licensed contractors will be utilized for the same. It is our intention that this building cost will be shared three (3) ways:


  • The potential homeowner

  • Our Diocese

  • A Donor (You).


Each will contribute (33%) of the overall cost mentioned above.  


    2. ADOPT A STUDENT (Provide a Student Scholarship)


Since the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, one of our Diocesan Schools (Bishop Michael Eldon School, Grand Bahama), has seen a reduction in enrollment due to displacement of families.  Also many parents are unable to afford school fees.


The economy in Grand Bahama was already in decline since the global recession in 2008. Added to that the community had not recovered fully from Hurricane Frances and Jeanne in 2004 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Then came Dorian.


In addition to the trauma to families, the school buildings sustained damage that has to be repaired in the short and medium term. BMES is a grades K-12 institution, and is considered the school of choice in the nation’s second largest population centre.


As a way of remedying this problem, as well as keeping our school open and on a fiscally sound foundation, we are asking individuals and organizations to undertake securing a scholarship for one or more students who are in need of the same. The cost is $4000.00 per child per year. This assistance will not only further a child’s education, but also provide stability, recovery and healing in a traumatic post-hurricane environment where normalcy is badly needed. It will be the bridge to a relationship that can last for years. 


   3. ADOPT A CHURCH (Restore and Rebuild)


The number of churches, rectories and parish halls that have experienced damage are listed on this webpage. We ask you to review same to consider which one of them you would like to adopt. The level of devastation ranges from minor to severe to total loss.


Apart from the restoration of these edifices to their former state, we are also seeking to redevelop the parish of St. John The Baptist, located in the city of Marsh Harbour, Abaco, into a commercially viable entity. This is a bold new visionary concept that is in keeping with the present trend of growth and development of that downtown area pre-Dorian. At present, plans are being conceptualized and we are inviting companies and individuals to partner with us. 

  4. ADOPT A FISHERMAN (Supply a Boat)


A majority of the residents of Sweeting’s Cay, Grand Bahama, - and some persons in several other communities - are fishermen by trade. Many have lost their boats, i.e., their means of livelihood. We are seeking to get them reestablished by providing them with a vessel for them to make a living again. This is another way to help persons in these communities and we are looking to assist fifteen (15) households with boats.

  5. HELP REBUILD (Volunteer your skills)

In addition to the above, we are also seeking individuals and groups with building skills (carpentry, masonry, electrical, etc.) to volunteer the same. Please inform us if you are seeking to assist in this way so that we can arrange to accommodate you.




We look forward to you working with us in one or more of these ways.


May God bless you, and please keep us in your prayers. 

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